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League Rules

Post  Reiny09 on Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:32 pm

Here are the rules that we'll be beginning the league with. Feel free to discuss any of them. I am open to changing if there is good reasoning behind it.

One user per team.
No coach mode or position locks.
No advance simming games.
We will be staying with a consistent advance schedule every 3.5 days. We will advance every Saturday night at midnight and every Wednesday night at 7 pm central time. This will allow us to play a months worth of games every week while still having one weekend day every advance.
One trade per team, per advance. (This will eliminate teams not being cap compliant when I make the advances)
No trading with computer controlled teams.
All trades must be posted in the trade announcement thread.
Starting goalies may play a maximum of 70 games.
Sim play will be enforced. (This includes passing the puck out in unrealistic situations. It also includes changing up your offense. Not skating down the wing every time and passing straight to the slot) Not following this rule will result in a warning. A second infraction will result in you being forced to play your backup goalie for a full advance. Any further infractions will result in suspensions and eventually bans.

Again, these rules are open to be discussed. Also if I missed anything, please post it in this thread.

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